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The euphoria was great you know. People I hardly know connecting with an article, sharing it, quoting and finding something I wrote relatable to their situation as well.

My hope is that everyone who reads it doesn’t expect another quality work from me two days in a row. Phew! That would be too much pressure.

I just want to relass and write here guys. Is this too much to ask? I’m carrying the expectation of an audience right now. I feel the curse of Ronaldo. (Messi fanboys, avoid me)

Performance drives expectation. I wrote something good and the standard may now be to replicate. How many times have you done something that was good but wasn’t as good as a previous work? So when you publish it, you don’t get the same reviews and now you feel like a fraud?

Two things friend, You can either allow expectations to increase your performance and continue the unrelenting work of producing a streak of quality; or embrace the fact, that you can produce good work but it’s ultimately up to you to determine the volume.

The last thing you want is to become wrapped up in your commercial performance.

“Expectations are resentments under construction.” In truth, they are one of the surest fire ways to suck the creative joy out of our lives and work. — Anne Lamott

So allow yourself to choose your own path, not people and their expectations.

Give yourself the room to grow and if your work goes viral, great!

If it doesn’t, you produced it regardless and that’s who you’ve become — Creator.

“And as a creator, expectations — most especially the publishing variety — are loud grating static that detracts from the much more important and fulfilling act of creating. Numbers and retweets and shares are great but don’t let them distract you from the only thing that you can control — which is your work itself”.

Free yourself from the weight of expectation.

The pressure is off.

Now breathe.

Siri — Play me Jon Bellion’s “Weight of the world”

What are the expectations you may be facing in your own work? Shoot me a tweet!

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